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Drawings and design

Working to draw detailed plans on the operations of construction, electricity and sanitation, as we have the ability to design interior decoration, gardens and schemes and umbrellas, at the hands of a group of engineers and professional designers domestically and internationally


Safety systems and Fire Fighting

Work on installation of all electronic anti-theft safety systems also we work on the installation of fire-resistant devices and smoke, gas and electricity insulation, fire, heat and water networks

Construction is a people management business.

work within a team atmosphere with the owner, project stakeholders, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve a quality and timely project for mutual benefit of everyone on the team.

  • Construction Scheduling

  • Construction Supervision

  • Insurance Administration

  • Bid Award and Procurement

  • Contract Payment Administration

  • Cost Control

  • Management Reporting

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing: Coordinating, Commissioning, Start-up

  • Document Control

  • Owner Move-in Planning and Management

  • Project Close Out

  • Warranty Management

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